Style your placeholder text in CSS

Style your placeholder text in CSS

Here is a code we can use in styling our placeholder inside the input boxes in our forms. Adding this code will change the color of your placeholder in your input box.  

Vertical align anything in CSS

Style your placeholder text in CSS

Sometimes I find very difficult to align center a element on my projects. We all know that centering a div tag? in CSS is easy by using “margin:0 auto;” or using position absolute. Centering text can be achieve using text-align CSS. What about vertical align? There is a vertical align in CSS can also be […]

Add Pinterest button on Woocommerce Product page manually

We all know adding Social media icons on wordpress is easy as 1,2,3. There are lots of social media plugins we can find in WordPress repository but what if sometimes we don’t want to use a WordPress plugin just to add a social media button like Pinterest. In Woocommerce we need to hook a function […]

Remove a page or post in Search Engines

Remove a page or post in Search Engines

Sometimes you don’t want to crawl a single page or some posts to the robots of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Now I will teach you how not the a page or post to be crawled by robots. You can add this code on your header.php. 1. using is_page function of wordpress Using the is_page function […]

Tricks on changing a WordPress site URL

Sometimes using a find and replace using a text editor like our favorite Notepad++ and Sublime can do the trick but the problem is when you are migrating your WordPress site, the widgets or mostly the text widgets are breaking and didn’t add in our widget section. That is too bad when you have lots […]

How to change wordpress excerpt length

This is a snippet tutorial that we can use everytime we need to modify the wordpress excerpt to the length we want. Put this code in your functions.php?and enter the number of length you want let say my example is 35.

Add Google Analytics code in your wordpress footer

This snippet is a example on how we can add a Google Analytic code in our theme. In my case I would like to add it on the footer. You can manually add the Google Analytic in footer but this code we will add it using our functions.php Then replace the UA-XXXX-X from the code […]

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