5 Best WordPress Security plugins

WordPress Security plugins

WordPress Security Plugins that you must have 1. AntiVirus A WordPress Antivirus to protect your blog against exploits, malware and spam injections, you can download the plugin here.   2. BulletProof Security A WordPress Website Security Protection: Firewall Security, Login Security, Database Security… Effective, Reliable, Easy to use. you can download this plugin here.   3. Login LockDown Login LockDown records […]

Deny accessing the File in htaccess

I have a project one time that the file in WordPress directory is being index in Google so anyone can see the file I dont want to be public. I used the code below to make sure no one can view the file. Copy and paste this in your htaccess and rename to the file […]

How to Style Input File Upload button in CSS

style input file upload

Have you been thinking about managing HTML input file upload to make your page more awesome? Well, the wait is over. The answers to your prayers are all here. I was also in that same situation few years back so I did my homework and now I can say I already got the fruits of […]

How to add Back to Top Scrolling Button in WordPress

Scrolling Button is very helpful if you have a very long articles on your website. It helps your readers to go back to top smoothly. So here are the steps to help you to have a scrolling button or smooth scrolling button. Step 1 Make sure you have the jQuery library in your WordPress site. […]

How to remove input type number spinner

input type number spinner

Are you wondering how to remove input type number spinner on HTML5? There is a little up and down arrow in a text field that increase and decrease number, they are commonly used in eCommerce sites like woocommerce. They call it spinners.   To remove it copy and paste this code in your CSS file. Removing […]

How to Hide PHP Warnings in WP

How to Hide PHP Warnings in WP

Most of the time, PHP Warnings are nothing to worry. It is mostly happens on shared hosting sites. Sometimes using the code below that can be found in your wp-config.php isn’t working, you can still see warnings on your WordPress site. The Solution is we will change the above code into this code. Copy and […]

How to run PHP in your widget area

Are you wondering how to run a php code in your widget area? The Default widget doesn’t have a capability to run or execute PHP code. This tutorial I will teach you how to run or execute your PHP code in your widget without using any plugin,? we just only need our [highlight]functions.php[/highlight] Simply copy […]

Vertical align everything using CSS

It is very hard to align a CSS vertical centering.? But let me show you how it is done. We need a parent element and a child element to do this. after we have the HTML markup we will now go into CSS. It works even in IE9….   What about using Flexbox     […]

Display other categories in Woocommerce Category page

To change woocommerce category, first go to your theme template and find woocommerce.php and open it in your favorite text editor. below the woocommerce_content() function or your pagination code insert this code: as you can see we use a shortcode to that, inside the shortcode ids is equal to all the ids of your category. […]

How to style and add icon in Contact Form 7

CF7 with icon

First download Contact Form 7 and install in your WordPress dashboard. Also we need to download the Fontawesome for this to work. You need the fonts and css added in your theme as well.   Now create a contact form using the contact form 7 plugin and copy and paste this html.   then open your […]

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