Hide WordPress and Plugins Update Notification

WordPress Security plugins

The code below can be use and add in your functions.php if you want to hide or remove the update status of WordPress and Plugins in admin panel so your client would not accidentally update their site if you have customization in the theme and plugins and can only be updated manually.  

Fix Broken Image in WordPress and Pretashop

Happen to have a problem in your server that images is on https url and not being displayed properly? I use this code whenever I got a problem in our server when using Woocommerce and Pretashop. It happens always on ecommerce sites only. It never happen in WordPress blog or site only. Mostly images are converted […]

Displaying WooCommerce Featured Products

Some of us wants to put our featured products in homepage or in other page of our site. I find it interesting to stumble upon on how to display woocommerce featured product manually, because as we all know that there are woocommerce shortcode already  we can use to display the featured product in woocommerce. What […]

How to Create Stack Image using CSS3

One of my project have a design on lying of image to one another. First I want to do it as background image but I feel there is a way creating it using our love CSS3 and found some good tutorial.

Now I’m going to show you how to create a stack image using CSS3 pseudo :before and :after.

How to manually integrate PayPal with Contact Form 7

CF7 checkout PayPal

I am going to show you how we can manually integrate Paypal with Contact Form 7. Ready? Let’s Go. So the reason I need to add PayPal with Contact form 7 is one of my client requesting me if it is possible to have a payment method on one of his form. So I checked his […]

How to create Random Image Background

random image background

Creating Random Image Background in PHP If you ever want to add a image background in your website and you want to make random every time your visitor visited your site, Here is a php tutorial. Step 1: Add this code at the very top. on the array make sure to the image filename of every background […]

New Tactic about Responsive CSS Background Image

responsive css background

I suddenly noticed the significance of making a responsive background image while doing no alteration in terms of aspect ratio with respect to various widths. This happen while I am working on a not so big project endowed to my shoulders by VIP folks from the field of Education. However, the big challenge is, we […]

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