How to manually create Facebook share button

Share Facebook

Adding social media icons like Facebook share gives you more visibility by sharing your post articles in social media sites. It gives you also traffic and more followers when they start to share and like your post in your blog specially if the post is very interesting.

We all know they are lots of free social media plugins we can use in our blog like what I am using now like Monarch by Elegant themesShareaholicShare Button Mashshare and many more. Thanks to all creator of all those plugins and they are very easy to use.

One night, I am a little bit curious how to manually create the Facebook social share button for one of my project it has a very different design so I need make it manual.

Here’s how to do it..

First add the html link for the Facebook share button where you want the share icon to display. You can put a little CSS style for it or you can use a ready Facebook icon by changing the word Share facebook into an image.

We also need to add some code in our functions.php so the pop up of the Facebook share we created have an Image, Title and Description by manually adding Open Graph Tags in our head tag.

It will produce a meta tags in our head tag.

Hope this help someone that want to create their very own Facebook share button.