How to Overwrite a Woocommerce Widgets

Customizing Wocommerce widget is great if you want something to remove or add inside a function. To do that first you will need to copy the widget you want to edit for example I choose the recent review widget . You can find the original when you go into wp-content > plugins > Woocommerce > […]

Add Async & Defer Attributes in WordPress Scripts

Add Async & Defer Attributes in WordPress Scripts

WordPress loads lots of JavaScript files and have a biggest impact in our website performance. Most of the time <script> tag causes our browser to stop loading file or blocked from displaying so JavaScript can start to write the page. Loading large libraries would be surely painful. This is why these scripts are referred to as […]

Redirect Contact Form 7 to Thank you Page After Submissions

Contact Form 7 Redirect

If you are using the Contact Form 7 plugin and you’re trying to redirect it into a thank you page or other page you want. Im going to share some easy code that will redirect your visitor into the page you selected after the the form submitted successfully. There are lots of tutorial you can see around the […]

Removing query string in your css and js file

What does query string mean? Query string is used in both stylesheets and javascript.  It’s one of the methods implemented by most web developers to instantly tell the browser with new update. It is mostly use when you are using CDN, because most of website today use CDN and W3 total cache or other caching plugins. Those stylesheets […]

Customize Password Protected Post

WordPress Security plugins

Add the code below on your functions.php in your active theme. This code will remove the word “Password” or “Protected” in your post title. You can use the code below in customizing the protected text:  

Change Maximum upload file size in WordPress

I was on a research mode to increase the upload size of image in WordPress but all codes I see on Google doesn’t work to me. Thanks to my friend Raquel to the rescue 🙂 this code helps me to increase the filesize when uploading in the server. She told me to put this code […]

How to Arrange WordPress Posts

There is a chance that I need to rearrange the WordPress of a site and I don’t know how. But I found a WordPress plugin that can be use to rearrange the Post or even your Custom Post Type. First thing to do is to install and activate the Post Types Order plugin. You can download […]

How to create Single Post Template

Some of us want to style differently our single post like the capability of WordPress Page that we can create a custom page. WordPress have also a code documentation on like the below code. This code can be put in functions.php of our theme. It select the single post with an ID of 8 and using […]

How to manually create Facebook share button

Share Facebook

Adding social media icons like Facebook share gives you more visibility by sharing your post articles in social media sites. It gives you also traffic and more followers when they start to share and like your post in your blog specially if the post is very interesting. We all know they are lots of free […]

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