How to set your site into Service Temporarily Unavailable (503)

Site Maintenance

Wondering how to set your site into maintenance mode or 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable? Because your client didn’t pay you for the month or you need to access your site alone or you want to temporary close your site. Well here is a simple code where you can add in your .htaccess so no one can access […]

How to get full URL without filename in PHP

Learn PHP

One of my project needs to get the full URL since it was in a folder, I can’t use the $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] because it also shows the filename like index.php So I stumble upon this code that will help us gets the exact folder where the file is use.   Hope this helps everyone.

Change Maximum upload file size in WordPress

I was on a research mode to increase the upload size of image in WordPress but all codes I see on Google doesn’t work to me. Thanks to my friend Raquel to the rescue 🙂 this code helps me to increase the filesize when uploading in the server. She told me to put this code […]

How to create Random Image Background

random image background

Creating Random Image Background in PHP If you ever want to add a image background in your website and you want to make random every time your visitor visited your site, Here is a php tutorial. Step 1: Add this code at the very top. on the array make sure to the image filename of every background […]

How to check URL if something has that word

Learn PHP

There is a cases that we need to check our URL if there is a word we need on it. To search a URL in a specific word, Use this code. First the $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] will return the full path of the URL including the query string, in my case I put it on a variable […]

Make a word in Title Case format in php

Learn PHP

Making title case in PHP is very easy. First lets create a function that we can call every time we need the word to be Title Case or make the First letter in the word Uppercase. Now we will use the function we create.