Auto Download PDF in Thank you page

Contact Form 7 Redirect

I have other post that Contact Form 7 can will be redirected into a Thank you page. Which you can check here. What will we need to achieve today is when after the Contact form 7 redirect into thank you page it will download a pdf or any file you want. Here you go. First […]

How to create Sticky Sidebar


Is it really cool that the Sidebar of our site or our blog follows as we scroll down the┬ápage. There are lots of ways we can do it but what I do here is using a jQuery plugin for making sticky element. Sticky-Kit provides us an easy way to make elements or div on our […]

How to add Back to Top Scrolling Button in WordPress

Scrolling Button is very helpful if you have a very long articles on your website. It helps your readers to go back to top smoothly. So here are the steps to help you to have a scrolling button or smooth scrolling button. Step 1 Make sure you have the jQuery library in your WordPress site. […]