How to set your site into Service Temporarily Unavailable (503)

Site Maintenance

Wondering how to set your site into maintenance mode or 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable? Because your client didn’t pay you for the month or you need to access your site alone or you want to temporary close your site. Well here is a simple code where you can add in your .htaccess so no one can access […]

Change Maximum upload file size in WordPress

I was on a research mode to increase the upload size of image in WordPress but all codes I see on Google doesn’t work to me. Thanks to my friend Raquel to the rescue 🙂 this code helps me to increase the filesize when uploading in the server. She told me to put this code […]

Fix Broken Image in WordPress and Pretashop

Happen to have a problem in your server that images is on https url and not being displayed properly? I use this code whenever I got a problem in our server when using Woocommerce and Pretashop. It happens always on ecommerce sites only. It never happen in WordPress blog or site only. Mostly images are converted […]

Deny accessing the File in htaccess

I have a project one time that the file in WordPress directory is being index in Google so anyone can see the file I dont want to be public. I used the code below to make sure no one can view the file. Copy and paste this in your htaccess and rename to the file […]

How to remove www from your URL

There are some website owners do not want their URL have www. Like my site I don’t want to have a www in my URL. But there are some cases that Big companies have www in their URL like Facebook and Google This code will help you to remove it. Put this code in your […]

Add Trailing Slash in URLs

Some of the Search Engines remove the trailing slash from URLs. I know Yahoo does it, but it could result into duplicated content problems when the same page content is accessible under different URLs. Put the following code in your? htaccess. This code makes sure there’s a slash at the end of your URL.  

How to remove File Extension in URL

Sometimes we need to remove the File Extension in our URL like .php and .html for a different reason. For me my reason to remove is for security reasons. to do that go in your htaccess file and open it on your favorite text editor. mine is sublime text in this case will now […]