How to remove input type number spinner

input type number spinner

Are you wondering how to remove input type number spinner on HTML5? There is a little up and down arrow in a text field that increase and decrease number, they are commonly¬†used in eCommerce sites like woocommerce. They call it spinners.   To remove it copy and paste this code in your CSS file. Removing […]

Vertical align everything using CSS

It is very hard to align a CSS vertical centering.? But let me show you how it is done. We need a parent element and a child element to do this. after we have the HTML markup we will now go into CSS. It works even in IE9….   What about using Flexbox     […]

How to style and add icon in Contact Form 7

CF7 with icon

First download Contact Form 7 and install in your WordPress dashboard. Also we need to download the Fontawesome¬†for this to work. You need the fonts and css added in your theme as well.   Now create a contact form using the contact form 7 plugin and copy and paste this html.   then open your […]

Centering a div tag of unknown width

Centering a div tag of unknown width

You can easily center a div by using margin: 0 auto; CSS property when you have its width in your CSS. But in case you wanted to center a div with unknown width you can use this code.  

Equal horizontal elements

There is now a solution for the equal height when you want to create element in a horizontal position. Instead of using float:left; in your CSS we will only simply add the parent container the text-align:justified; property. and the child that will be in horizontal element will given a display:inline-block;     Happy Coding!

Style your placeholder text in CSS

Style your placeholder text in CSS

Here is a code we can use in styling our placeholder inside the input boxes in our forms. Adding this code will change the color of your placeholder in your input box.  

Vertical align anything in CSS

Style your placeholder text in CSS

Sometimes I find very difficult to align center a element on my projects. We all know that centering a div tag? in CSS is easy by using “margin:0 auto;” or using position absolute. Centering text can be achieve using text-align CSS. What about vertical align? There is a vertical align in CSS can also be […]

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